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At Gyanson Marine Surveyors Limited, we pride ourselves on offering a spectrum of marine cargo inspection services designed to exceed industry standards and ensure the secure and seamless transit of your goods. Our commitment to excellence is embedded in every service we provide.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Before your cargo embarks on its journey, our meticulous pre-shipment inspections guarantee that it meets the highest standards. We leave no stone unturned, assessing every detail to ensure the integrity of your cargo from the outset.

Cargo Loading and Unloading Surveys:

The safe handling of your goods is paramount. Our experts oversee loading and unloading operations, meticulously monitoring each step to prevent damage and guarantee the proper handling of your cargo at every port.

Container Inspection

Our detailed container inspections focus on structural integrity, ensuring that your goods are housed securely for their voyage. We address potential risks and implement preventative measures.

Damage Assessment

In unfortunate events of damage during transit, our rapid response damage assessment services provide a comprehensive evaluation. We offer transparent and accurate reporting to assist you in navigating the complexities of insurance claims and cargo recovery.

Onboard Inspections

Monitoring the conditions during the voyage is crucial. Our onboard inspections involve real-time assessments, ensuring that your cargo remains in optimal condition throughout its journey. Our commitment to safety extends beyond ports and onto the open seas.

Our proficiency extends to crafting detailed survey reports tailored for cargo insurers, shipping companies, or local applicants. We combine industry expertise with cutting-edge methodologies, providing you with insights and recommendations that transcend the ordinary.

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